Real Life Mom & Children Acting Jodi Of Indian Television

1. Vibha Chibber – Puru Chibber : First on our list is the mother-son acting jodi who has given us successful performances. On one hand, we are familiar with the popular TV actress Vibha Chibber, delivering mesmerizing acting skills while on the other hand, her son; Puru has also been successful in making her mark in different TV shows.

2. Falguni Desai – Zalak Desai : Well, a lot of people may not know about his mom-daughter pair since Zalak has not yet joined the TV industry. But according to sources, after completing her studies, Zalak is going to join TV real soon. And we already know Falguni; she is a popular name in TV mega serials.

3. Sweetly Walia – Roshni Walia : With the journey of daughter Roshni in the TV industry, her real life mom Sweetly also started preparing to join the TV industry and both of the smiling beauties made their way into television mega series.

4. Supriya Shukla – Jhanak Shukla : We may not have seen Jhanak for a long time in the TV industry, but her mom Supriya Shukla is completely filling up her space with her amazing performances in both Television and films. But we definitely want you back Jhanak.

5. Kulbir Baderson – Ahsaas Channa : This mother and daughter acting jodi presently got together for a TV serial. Kulbir is really popular as an actress but with this new project of Ahsaas, she has also delivered some great acting skills.

6. Sarita Joshi – Ketki Dave/Purvi Joshi : Sarita, who has been a very popular name in the TV industry, undoubtedly, passed her acting skills and gorgeous looks to her daughters Ketki and Purvi. And also, the trio has a great sense of humor.

7. Neelam Tripathi – Divyanka Tripathi : We all know this beautiful lady Divyanka Tripathi who has been rising recently as an actress and her mom too has recently got interest in acting and wants to try out few projects. She has already made a few appearances and wants to stand by her daughter through thick and thin.

8. Kiran Bhargava – Ankita Bhargava : Daughter Ankita has moved to their in-laws after her marriage but no one can miss out the bond they have portrayed in TV serials. Ankita got married to Karan Patel, but her mother Kiran and father Abhay Patel are the main reasons for her excellent performance on screen.

9. Madhoo – Tarana : With a single show, super mom Madhoo gave tough competition to Tarana in acting. We hope to see this acting jodi back real soon on TV serials.

10. Amardeep Jha – Shriya Jha : And last but definitely not the least, we know Amardeep very well, but we bet you didn’t know that pretty Shriya is the daughter of Amardeep. While Amardeep has quite a few projects, Shriya is yet to make her mark.


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