Gamblers from India will find they can engage in real money play at some of the best licensed sites in the industry. These casinos will present a handsome array of games and will also offer the ability to play Teen Patti. This Indian game is one of the most popular choices for gamblers and when playing online,  players have the chance to generate some great payouts in a secure environment.

Similar to the game of Three Card Poker, Teen Patti is a fun game that can be enjoyed for various bet amounts. At an online casino, you will find live versions of this game that are streamed in real-time and are played with professional dealers! Looking for the best Teen Patti experience online? Read on to learn how you can enjoy this game and others at trusted

New players who are not familiar with the game can learn how to play right here or can play a free version of the game at many online casino sites. The game is played with a standard deck of cards and no Jokers are used. The general object of the game is to achieve a hand that is stronger than the dealer, just as with other poker variations. 

All players will start the game with three cards and the dealer will also receive three cards. If your hand is better than the dealer, you will win. The hand rankings are the same as with standard poker, so anyone that has played poker in the past will have no problem quickly learning the rules of online Teen Patti.

Once the hands have been deal with, players have the chance to “Play” if they believe their hand is better than the dealer. This will cost 1x the ante. After this, the dealer will reveal their cards and the hands will be compared. If the player has a stronger hand, they will win the game.

Side Bet Options

When you play Teen Patti on Casumo and some other casino sites, you will have the ability to place side bets. These have an additional cost, but can offer some handsome payouts that can boost the bankroll. The side bet wins are determined using a combination of the player cards as well as those of the dealer. There are three side bets that can be placed.

  • Four of a Kind – With this bet, you players will have to get four of the same value cards using the player and dealer’s hand.
  • Full House – Create a hand that contains three matching ranked cards and a pair.
  • Royal Flush – Get Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and ten of the same suit

Live Teen Patti

The best way to experience the thrills and rewards of Teen Patti is to play a live dealer game. This is a version of the game that is streamed from a land location and is played in real-time, just like games at a traditional brick and mortar casino. Live games offer the ability to interact with platers and dealers and they are streamed in HD to present the most realistic experience online.

Live versions of this game are only offered for real money bets, so you must be a registered member of the site with a real money account. You will place your bets just as you would with any Teen Patti game and will benefit from a social experience and professional dealers. Any player that is looking for the best online Teen Patti experience should check out the live version of this popular Indian game.