Rebel Wilson’s Shocking Revelations On Why Adele Hates Her: ‘This Is Why…’

Rebel Wilson, known for her boldness both on and off-screen, has opened up about a surprising revelation in her upcoming memoir, “Rebel Rising.” The book delves into her life, and friendships, and sheds light on why she believes Adele harboured animosity towards her.

Adele’s Disdain Unveiled

Wilson candidly discusses an intriguing chapter in her life, revealing a strained dynamic with the acclaimed singer Adele. Despite both being celebrated for their talents and vibrant personas, Wilson recalls a time when their paths crossed on less than amicable terms.

A Case of Mistaken Identity

In a recent excerpt from “Rebel Rising,” published by US Weekly, Wilson shares her perspective, stating, “Some actresses would get offended if I called them plus-size in this book, so I have to be careful with what I say. This is why, I think, Adele hates me.”

Wilson elaborates on an incident where their physical resemblances led to confusion. She humorously recounts, “There was a moment when she was bigger, and some people would confuse us for one another.”

Unraveling the Misunderstandings

Clarifying that her assumption about Adele’s feelings is speculative, Wilson admits, “To be fair, I’ve never asked her.” However, she narrates instances where their encounters were marked by Adele’s apparent avoidance. Wilson humorously notes Adele’s swift exits, quipping, “As if my fatness might rub off on her if I were near her for more than thirty seconds.”

Bold Statements and Hollywood Encounters

“Rebel Rising” is not limited to Wilson’s experiences with Adele. The memoir delves into her interactions with notable figures in the entertainment industry, including Sacha Baron Cohen.

Wilson’s Candid Reflections

Wilson doesn’t shy away from sharing her candid opinions. She recounts her apprehensions while working with Baron Cohen, labelling him a “massive a-hole.” Wilson shares a discomforting experience during the filming of “The Brothers Grimsby,” where Baron Cohen allegedly made inappropriate requests.

Pushing Boundaries

Wilson recalls an uncomfortable encounter where Baron Cohen purportedly made unwelcome advances, which she declined. These revelations have sparked controversy, with Baron Cohen vehemently denying Wilson’s claims.

“Rebel Rising” is slated for release on April 2, 2024, promising readers an inside look into Rebel Wilson’s bold journey in Hollywood. As the memoir’s excerpts circulate, they serve as a testament to Wilson’s fearless storytelling and willingness to confront uncomfortable truths.