Recent Victim Of Body Shaming In Bollywood Flora Saini Says This Big Thing!

Apart from films, Bollywood actress Flora Saini is known for speaking out about her personal life. He has now shared his bad experiences related to the film industry. Flora Saini has told that she has been a victim of body shaming many times in the film industry. She has said that she was subjected to body shaming when she went to give auditions.

Flora Saini recently spoke to the English website Hindustan Times. During this, he talked a lot about his career in the film industry. Flora Saini said, ‘That’s all criticism. People reject you and accept you based on your body. It is said here that you have become fat; you do not fit in the character. I have been rejected many times.

Flora Saini started her career with Telugu films in the year 1999. The actress has told that she got work only in the South film industry. Flora Saini said, “I was doing very well for myself in the South early in my career. During those ten years, when I went to Mumbai, I did not get single support. For auditions, I was told that I needed to lose weight and it used to be very harmful to me.” The actress further said, ‘I was completely broken in Mumbai. Then in the South film industry at that time, he liked actresses who were a bit chubby and well-endowed. But the journey to Mumbai was very bad. Flora Saini says that due to this, she had problems with her body as well as eating problems.

Flora Saini said, ‘I have had a love-hate relationship with food. And I can’t even tell you how difficult it has been. I was hungry for many days. When I did not eat anything for many days I felt sad and when I ate so much I felt sad. Apart from this, Flora Saini has done many other things. There is a lot of discussion about this statement of his.

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