Rekha Reveals Why She Didn’t Sign Any Film After 2014; Checkout Reason!

Rekha, a veteran actress, has captivated everyone’s heart with her performance. Throughout her career, she has always wowed audiences with her acting abilities. Rekha does not appear in any films anymore, yet she is frequently seen at Bollywood events and parties. She is shown having a great time with the celebrities. Rekha’s last film contract was in 2014. She hasn’t appeared in a film since. Rekha has now revealed why she is staying away from the big screen.

Rekha Started Career As Child Artist

Rekha began her career as a kid performer in a Telugu film. She appeared in the Bollywood film ‘ Sawan hado’ was kept at bay. Rekha was completely immersed in Bollywood after this film. Her most recent film was Super Nani. She has since made appearances in films and television series.

Why Rekha Don’t sign any film now?

Rekha stated in an interview with Vogue Arabia that she has not worked on any projects since 2014. He’s not going anywhere, whether I make movies or not. I have my memories to relive with the people I care about. And the proper project will discover me when the time is right. My personality is mine, but my cinematic personality is up to the viewer.

Rekha went on to say, “That’s why I choose where I want to live and where I don’t. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have the freedom to pursue my interests. I also have the option of saying no.”

Recently seen in star plus show promo

Rekha was recently featured in a TV show promo for Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein. Fans are overjoyed to see Rekha in the promotional video. He is currently waiting for her new project to be announced.