By Gunit Mayo

We all have expectations from ourselves and sometimes, we get so involved in fixing our careers that we neglect other things in our life. If you are ambitious, your mind takes a lot of time to absorb the fact that there is someone out there who needs your attention. Relationships are good to go even when you gather all your focus to your own self. Here are some tips that would bring you to see one of the significant parts of your life – i.e. your relationship.

Schedule everything: Yes, it is true that even relationships need schedules. All aspiring women love to plan things out, create to-do-lists and write in their notepads. It is always better to let your partner know that you are free for them for a few hours and you would like to utilise the time at its best. Plan Sunday brunch with your loved one, or call them over for a delightful dinner next Friday. Scheduling would help you to stick to whatever you have planned. Never forget a thing, girls, start scheduling now!

Send them gifts: Even if you are too busy working, it is okay. Men understand! They’ve got their hectic jobs, too. Send them chocolates, or get a pizza delivered at their door step. If men can work so hard to impress us, then why can’t we? Let him know that you think about him even while being at work. If your day is hectic, this would definitely serve as a break for you. Get creative, and do not be so pushy!

Do not regret: You are an aspiring woman and there is nothing wrong with it. Do not let anyone raze your motivation and energy, not even yourself. If you want diamonds, it is okay to walk on some stones to get one. Your man understands how important things are to you, but if he fails to do so, do not lose hope. Giving time to family or boyfriend is important, and working hard for them is, too.

Work is not everything: If your man feels neglected, reassure him about your interest in him and how he makes you feel. Work is going to help you but for what? Money? Fame? Your man is someone who will be sitting there right next to you when your business goes down, or you fail to pass an interview. Money is important, but so are relationships.

Do not compare: If you look at other couples and wonder if you could be a housewife instead of a hustler, stop immediately. We all have different tales, behaviour, perspectives and nature. Do not feel low by comparing your life to that of others. There is always some positive side and negative side to everything. A perfect relationship is not a destination, it is a journey. How well you two manage to make things better is what defines your relationship.

He who has health, has hope; and he who has hope, has everything.