Relationship Reels; Understanding The Difference Between Being Cute And Naive

Every film we watch, every book we read, every song we listen to is in a way shaping our character. Once you are taking a value from any of these, you prefer to choose more and more contents of a similar thread. If you love horror films, you will wait for the next conjuring film to release after watching the recent ‘The Devil made me do it. What if you are often tempted to watch the ‘cute’ relationship reels on Instagram? Have you ever thought of what message they convey?

As we all know, social media has become the trendsetter of time. Not just the trendsetter but it also has enough power to influence the way people think. Among the social media apps, Instagram has turned out to be the favorite space for people, especially the youngsters. From film reviews to contemporary politics, they consume different content.

social media


A large number of youngsters tend to watch rather than read. When it comes to Instagram, reels are the most consumed content on the platform. Reel users can create whatever content they want. Once posted, this content can be seen by anyone in the world. The creator can also make content based on his/her preferences. 

The danger behind ‘cute’ couple reels:

Just scroll the reels section. You would see a couple walking by a street. Suddenly a man passes by. The girl becomes nervous as she realizes that it is her ex-boyfriend. The lover realizes it too. At once he hits his ex-boyfriend. The girl becomes overwhelmed with joy. Tears roll down her cheeks thinking of how much her lover cares for her.

This is one among those thousands of ‘cute’ videos. Whichever the reels are, you would see a third person coming in to spoil the ‘ideal’ relationship. The hero will be portrayed aggressively. He will slap either the girl or the intruder. Most of it ends with the girl hugging him or him breaking the relation and getting another girl.Social media

What moral do these reels offer?

These reels themselves may seem harmless. But as aforesaid, every content molds the way people behave. That’s why we have Drishyam model murders and Special-26 model robberies. These cute relationship videos can make guys think they are superheroes. These reels will make girls too immature to believe that an abusive relationship is good.


To create content is definitely one’s choice and freedom of expression. But what concept they emphasize should be closely monitored. Let our reels spread healthy love and not toxicity. Be mature to walk away with respect and without hurting anyone. Cross-check the content. Take in good from reels, films, and books. Peace out!

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