Reliance Jio Introduces 5 New Prepaid Plans, Astonishing Subscribers; Check Deets

Reliance Jio, India’s largest telecom operator, introduces five new prepaid plans, offering ‘no data limit’ in daily usage. According to analysts, the new plans are for the subscribers who tend to hit their daily limits, moreover the weekends. The validity of the plans is ranging from 15 days to a year, offering fixed data with unlimited daily usage.

According to reports, the analysts at Jefferies India Pvt Ltd indicate that the launching of new plans will lead Jio to boost ARPUs in the smartphone segment through up-trading rather than tariff hikes. Jio has a surplus network capacity to handle traffic surges over the weekends.

Moving on to the introduction to the new plans, analysts at Jefferies said in a report, “The introduction of these new plans is a step in the right direction, in our view. The adoption of these plans could drive a 55 to 108 percent jump in revenue/GB versus its 1.5GB/day plans driving margins.”

Discussing the tariff and data limit of the new plans, they start from Rs 127 and go up to Rs 2,397. The basic prepaid plan, which is Rs 127, offers 12GB of data for 15 days; The second prepaid plan of Rs 247 offers 25GB data for 30 days; The third prepaid plan of Rs 447 offers 50GB data for 60 days; The fourth plan of Rs 597 offers 75GB data for 90 days, And the fifth and final introduced prepaid plan of Rs 2,397 offers 365GB of data for a year (365 days). Since every detail has been astonishing till now over here, another factor, which is also a win-win for the subscribers is that all the prepaid plans offer a free subscription to the Jio suite of apps, along with unlimited voice calling. The new prepaid plans are available on Jio’s website.

Another key trigger for the company is likely to arrive from its partnership with Google. According to recent reports, Google and Reliance Jio have teamed up to launch a new 5G affordable smartphone. The new smartphone is likely to get a launch later this year. Apart from tariff hikes, subscribers should also look through other aspects of Jio, which are mind-boggling as well. 

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