‘Reminiscence’ Trailer Out: HBO’s Westworld Co-Creator With Her Directorial Debut

Here comes Lisa Joy, the co-creator of HBO’s Westworld with her feature film directorial debut. Lisa’s new sci-fi thriller is named ‘Reminiscence’. The film stars Hugh Jackman, Thandiwe Newton and Rebecca Ferguson in the lead roles.

This visionary film is a ‘neo-noir romantic mystery’ revolving around Nick Bannister played by Jackman. Bannister is a private investigator of mind. He is assisted by his partner Watts (Newton) in the business. They with the help of technology allows their clients to live inside their memories. The plot is carried forward as a personal quest by Bannister into his client Mae’s (Ferguson) story.

The film is set in Miami of the future. The city has become a nocturnal city where people engage in activities during night. The director has been careful not to give a clear indication of the time being portrayed in the film. This will make it look like a more cautionary tale. However, all the characters in the film tend to live in the past than in the present. The movie also is a depiction of war, climate change, poverty and migration.

Thandiwe Newton praised Lisa for setting up a technology practically on set. She added that it was Lisa’s word to do something no one has ever done before and she kept it. From the trailer what can be understood is that the tech used by Bannister and Watts is similar to holographic technology. But a major change is that the person has to get immersed in a tank of some fluid. This displays the memories of the person on a screen.

Rawin Djawadi, the composer of Westworld and GOT has done the music of Reminiscence. Lisa believes that score adds to the mood of film. She further added that music is the original reminiscence machine. The movie has some similarities with the Minority Report, Blade Runner and The Prestige. But Lisa has taken moves not to make her debut another echo.

The movie is expected to reach theatres and will be released for 31 days on HBO Max beginning from August 20, 2021.

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