Repair vs Replacement: Know the Better Option for Windows??

Windows are an integral part of every home and they help protect your family and belongings from the outside. When windows that are older start to weaken or leak outside air in, many people opt to replace their windows rather than repairing them. In the case of wooden windows, people may not realise that these windows were meant to last decades. Modern windows that are made from vinyl or aluminium have a lifespan of around 40 years. These are difficult to repair if the problem is more than a broken glass replacement.

Reasons to repair rather than replace

  1. Save money – new windows will lower your energy bills however, it will take years to recover all that you spend on the new windows and installation. Older windows can be restored to look like new for much less money than it would cost to replace them. Opting to restore your windows will save you up to 70% of the cost of replacing them completely. You can also choose to make the windows more energy efficient by caulking, weather stripping and adding blinds.


2. Preserve the way your home originally looked – If you have an older home that still has its original windows, you may want to repair the windows. Especially if your home is a historic district, you may not be allowed to change them altogether. To keep the look of your old home with its original window frames, you should consider repairing old windows. Frames that are deteriorated or rotten can be treated and most can be fixed. Windows are vital in adding to the ambience of your home and the general aesthetic appeal. Generally, replacing windows can even lessen the value of a home especially if the window is stained or leaded glass.


3. Similar performance – research shows that repairs on historic windows offer a better return on investment than replacement windows. Further, if energy conservation is important there are steps that homeowners could take that would make the return on investment better.

4. It is environmentally friendly – Keeping the windows that you already have will save energy and money that is needed to buy new windows. Repairing windows requires less materials which thus has less effect on the environment.


How to determine whether to repair or replace windows?

During harsh winters or unbearable summers, windows that are cracked, damaged or not sealed properly may allow outside air inside the home. Most homeowners are unsure when they should repair and when they should replace windows. Purchasing new windows may not be feasible but sometimes repairing old windows is not the ideal solution. It is vital to know when you should replace and when a repair could be possible.

New windows may sound like the better option as they offer great benefits however, they can be expensive. Window repairs on the other hand, will save you money however, older windows require constant maintenance. You will need to make the decision whether to repair or replace windows.


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