Revealed: The real reason why Luv Tyagi is still not evicted!

The ongoing season of television reality show Bigg Boss has reached the zeniths of unpredictability. What surprises us the most about Bigg Boss season 11 is that strong contestants like Arshi Khan and Hiten Tejwani have been eliminated but least deserving candidates like Luv Tyagi is still in the house and has made it to top 6!

From being called a loser, ‘bail-buddhi’ to Hina’s parrot, Luv has proved everyone wrong and changed the entire climax of the Bigg Boss house. He got nominated several times in the last few weeks, but to our utter shock, he managed to escape evictions each time. While everyone kept criticising him and thought he would be out of the house, Luv emerged as an underdog who is now giving sleepless nights to other contestants.







Who would have thought he would stay for this long in the house! Not just Arshi and Hiten, with the latest eviction, he has now left behind Priyank Sharma as well, who is quite popular among the millennials.

And all this has literally left everyone stunned. From viewers to the contestants, everyone can’t help but think about how Luv has come this far in the house despite not contributing any significant content to the show.

Are you also wondering who is actually voting for him? Who is garnering him such huge support? Well, this huge rally is the answer. Yes, massive rallies are being organised by Luv’s family and community to save him.

Just have a look at the following videos and you will know!







Luv hails from UP’s Muzaffarnagar and lives in Gurugram. The Tyagi community is leaving no stone unturned to make their boy win. Bhumihar and Gujjar communities are also lending support. Also, not just in Uttar Pradesh, vote appeals are taking place in nearby states like Bihar as well.

The magnum is nothing less than that of a political rally! We are totally stunned.


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