Detecting injustice of an arranged homicide of Sushant Singh Rajput, his family had recorded a FIR against his better half, Rhea Chakraborty. As time passes, Sushant’s case is by all accounts getting significantly increasingly confused with the various hypotheses and accounts of each individual identified with him. While reality has gone with the on-screen character himself, his family is left battling for equity for Sushant. Rhea had applied at the Supreme Court for the exchange of Sushant’s case from Patna police to Mumbai and had said in her request that she is in profound injury because of her sweetheart’s self destruction which got increased with the passing and assault dangers and the consistent media examination on her in regards to the case.

Rhea Chakraborty had educated the court that she was in a live-in relationship with Sushant Singh Rajput till June 8, 2020, and had asserted that he was on antidepressants because of melancholy. Rhea included her request, “In peculiar facts and circumstances of the present case, the petitioner has been falsely implicated in the present case filed by at the instance of Krishna Kishore Singh. He committed suicide on the morning of June 14 at his Bandra residence by hanging himself. The petitioner was summoned and she had visited the Bandra police station on various occasions and her statement was recorded under Section 175 of CrPC. The petitioner has filed a complaint at Santa Cruz police station in Mumbai against the death and rape threats. It would be just and expedient, if the transfer of the case is directed from Patna to Mumbai.”

Sushant Singh Rajput and Rhea Chakraborty

In a meeting with the Times Now, Sushant Singh Rajput’s family companion, Nilotpal Mrinal made some genuine charges against Rhea Chakraborty and Mahesh Bhatt. Nilotpal scrutinized Rhea’s profit with the quantity of movies she has given till date and the manner in which she looks after herself. Nilotpal included, “If Sushant bhai was not keeping well, why did she not tell Sushant’s family about his situation? Rhea Chakraborty was not married to Sushant Singh Rajput. Despite informing his family members, she changed her number. She never let Sushant bhai get connected with his family.”

Talking about the charges on Rhea Chakraborty, aside from the abetment to self destruction, in the FIR, Nilotpal Mrinal proceeded, “She took everything…laptop, jewellery, cash, medical records and whatever else was kept at Sushant’s residence. She further blocked Sushant’s number….how can you take someone’s laptop? How can you threaten?” When asked why did the family not mention Rhea Chakraborty during the interrogation by Mumbai police, Nilotpal said that Sushant and his father used to speak for just five times in a year that too for not more than two minutes. He added, “What do you think about the mental condition of a father whose son has died and has just visited the cremation ground? Will he just start levelling allegations against someone? They (Sushant’s family) took time and collected the evidence. The family did not lodge an FIR in Mumbai.”

A Mumbai Mirror report proposes that Rhea Chakraborty’s companion, Siddharth Pithani, who was prior cross examined by Mumbai Police had guaranteed that he was pressurized by Sushant Singh Rajput’s family to oppose her. Then again, Sushant’s sister, Mitu Singh guaranteed that the on-screen character had an enormous battle with Rhea on June 8 and the local assistance of his home had likewise educated her about Rhea performing dark enchantment a couple of months back.