Ridhi Dogra & Raqesh Bapat To End 7 Years Of Their Marriage

One of the most adorable couple in the TV industry is Ridhi Dogra and Raqesh Bapta. Both of them met on the sets of a TV show and have even come together on various reality shows. They fell in love instantly and married each other. Now, around seven years of being happily married, the couple seems to have decided to put an end to their relationship. While there is no official confirmation from either Ridhi or Raqesh, their silence is giving hints about some truth in the rumors. In fact, Ridhi’s friends Asha Negi and Sargun Mehta have not denied any such news.

Ridhi and Raqesh took their relationship to the next level and married each other on May 29, 2011. But now, as per a leading entertainment portal, Ridhi and Raqesh’s marital life has hit the rock bottom as they are not living together and are even contemplating for legal separation.

When Ridhi asked about her divorce with Raqesh, she said, “I am sorry. I have to…” and cut the phone. When further probed to send a quote, she replied to the media portal, “You have no right to talk about anyone’s personal life. Stay away.” She also said, “No, we are not. You are talking rubbish. Please stop this.” When the media portal reached out to her again saying that they are quoting her as, “We are fine”, she replied, “I am giving you no right to write anything.”

The media portal also contacted Ridhi and Raqesh’s close friends, Sargun Mehta and Asha Negi. Asha shared, “Ridhi is my best friend. I am sorry and cannot comment on this.” When asked if she is aware about Ridhi and Raqesh’s current status of marriage, Asha retorted, “Look, I am Ridhi’s friend and I would know anything and everything, but I don’t want to comment on this matter.” And then quickly said, “I am not aware of anything.”

When contacted Sargun, she stated, “I am sorry, I cannot talk about anything without having permission. It’s Ridhi’s personal matter and she wouldn’t like it to be discussed like this. I will have to first discuss it with Ridhi before I speak to anybody.” She added, “No comments. It’s their personal space.”

We just hope that it’s a lovers’ tiff and Ridhi and Raqesh reunite to live happily ever after.

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