Road to Oasis

The countdown for Oasis 2018 has begun. With the theme being counterculture, the “Far Out Fest” promises 96 hours of unlimited entertainment and euphoria. With just under two weeks, the campus is brimming with excitement and a feverish anticipation has descended upon it.

The theme – counterculture – is defined as a subculture whose norms are usually different and in opposition to the values and norms of mainstream society’s culture. Historic examples include Bohemianism, the hippie culture of the 1960s and the punk culture of the ‘70s and the ‘80s. With such a theme, a college cultural festival like Oasis cannot fail to be a blast for all involved.

As always, Oasis has something in store for everyone. Events such as Razzmatazz and Street Dance will keep those into dancing on their feet while Rocktaves, Aandholika, and Rap Wars  promise great fun for those who enjoy music. With the theme being counterculture, events based on art and drama like Contrasto and Fash P will be a treat for the eyes.It also has a multitude of quizzes including Oasis Quiz, Music Quiz, and Entertainment Quiz.For the first time, Oasis brings with it slam poetry at a national level with Purple Prose, a hunt for the best slam poets in the country. Along with standard events like Treasure Hunt, Mr. and Mrs. Oasis, and Taboo, the Far Out Fest has a jampacked schedule of entertainment and fun.

The Prof Shows this year include a performance from the musical trio Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy, who have won various National Film and Filmfare awards over the years. Abhishek Upmanyu, who has been on an international tour for his special “ThodaSaafBol Na”, will be here for the N2O stand up show. The biggest name however has to be Guthrie Govan, an English guitarist who has worked with bands like The Aristocrats, Asia, and The Young Punx. Having won Guitarist magazine’s “Guitarist of the Year” award in 1993, he has been the go-to artist for legendary composer Hans Zimmer and has collaborated with artists like Steven Wilson. A live performance by Govan is surely going to be one of the biggest concerts in the history of Oasis.

With a great line up of Prof Shows and theme that ensures great fun in every event, the Far Out Fest promises to be bigger and better than all previous editions of Oasis.

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