Rock The Party Baby; Malayalam Peppy Beats Again Hit With Leto’s Photobombing

Music is everything. When it comes to rhythms, tunes, and compositions; we just flow with them. No matter what language we listen to; music has its own way of getting into hearts. And this is not the first time a Malayalam song has crossed continents. With his iconic photobombing moments beautifully amalgamated, the Hollywood favorite Jared Leto has taken yet another Malayalam song to‘vera level’(a different level)!

This happened when the Oscar award-winning American actor Jared Leto recently shared some of his cute pictures and videos accompanied by the Malayalam number ‘Kudukku’. Soon came overwhelming responses from Leto’s Indian fans all around the globe. And Malayalis as always couldn’t hold their joy. “Are you from Kerala bro?”, “Malayalees ividai like addi enn comment vanilla”, “Malayali pwoliyalle” the flooded comments read.

‘Kudukku’ from ‘Love Action Drama’ is composed by Malayalam Music director Shaan Rahman. “@jaredleto made a video with KUDUKKU !! The Fever Never Ends!! I’m speechless right now. @vineeth84 , @dhyansreenivasan , @manumanjith_s , @visakhsubramaniam , @ajuvarghese .. Thank you ♥️ An awesome moment for all of us. That includes YOU !” Shaan’s caption was shared along with the video read. The actor, director, and singer of ‘Kudukku’ Vineeth Sreenivasan also shared the video saying “Unbelievable!”

Back in 2017, ‘Jimmiki Kammal’ a Malayalam song had gone so viral that it became a trend on American shores. The song earned wide popularity when a Malayali messaged American talk show host Jimmy Kimmel. saying there was a song that was very similar to his name. As he mentioned the song which was similar to his name, the ‘Jimmiki Kammal’ further gained fame.


However, the ‘Leto-Bombed’ has gone beyond territories. In the video, Jared Leto is seen photobombing with stars like Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Lopez, Diane Kruger, Kelly Ripa, and Gigi Hadid. What makes the video cuter is how he took Anne Hathaway by surprise at the 2014 Oscar red carpet. Leto, a winner of the Academy Award, Golden Globe, and Screen Actors Guild award, was last seen in The Little Things.

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