Roll Up Your Sleeves Because Thirties Have Become The New 20s; Find Out How

Imagine being upgraded to business class when all your life you’ve travelled in economy class. Now THAT is the transition from your 20s to 30s. While hitting your 30s might feel like hitting the rock bottom, but it is actually just the opposite. For all twenty-somethings, including me, our 30s should actually be something we look forward to!


  1. Sexuality at its peak

Hello ladies, here’s the good (read: best) news. Most women reach their sexual peak in the 30s i.e., we’re more likely to have more sex, be more satisfied and have even better orgasms! While most men reach this stage by their late teens and early 20s, having us women at the peak is a sure shot win-win for both genders!

  1. Increased acceptance of your body

Our 20s are filled with feelings of insecurity and complexity as we over-burden ourselves with the idea of ‘that-perfect-body’ or ‘that-flawless-skin’; however, as we approach our 30s we understand the play of age and hormones, and how every shape, size, skin, and colour is beautiful. We’re more confident and that’s all the glow we need to walk the red carpet!


  1. Less Social Drama

While our 20s are more like an over-spilling cup of disastrous college romances, broken hearts, lost friendships, splitting circles and ruined expectations; by our 30s we know who the true friends are and we no longer hold meaningless expectations from distanced social circles.


  1. More stabilised finances

In our 30s our jobs/businesses are more or less figured out and so the finances look more stable than in the case of our 20s. Mindless splurging is replaced by conscious indulgence, and we become mindful of investments. We’re no longer on the verge of bankruptcy and affordable luxuries look like a possibility.


  1. Experience

With age comes wisdom, and experience. In all aspects of life — work, relationships, family, friends, we’re now able to talk with experience. We are better able to differentiate between right and wrong, the real and fake. Our decisions are more thought after rather than a game of close-your-eyes-and-pick-any-one.


  1. Wanderlust is more real

While wanderlust is ‘goals’ in our 20s, it’s more legit in the 30s. Travel plans are more affordable and guess what? We don’t even need permission anymore! With a partner along, it is also 10x more fun to catch flights over feelings.

  1. Family plans look concrete

Having a partner and planning offsprings is more like our 30s. The 20s is shaky ground for relationships and 30s are rather stable. Most of us have found the one and only and family planning is an integral part of this age.


  1. Increased Self-Awareness

Our tolerance for bullshit nosedives and we are fully aware of what we want. We know what is off the limits and what are our deal breakers. It’s that time when we know what we want to do and have the courage to act upon it, even if it means giving up that analyst job for being a musician!

  1. Best of both worlds

To conclude, we shall say that the 30s makes for the best of both worlds – unburdened by the baggage of the 20-something peeps but also free from the weight of our 40-something counterparts!


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