Rupali Ganguly Recalls Facing Casting Couch While Trying For Films: “At That Time, I Did Feel Small” Deets Inside!

Rupali Ganguly, the famous actress from “Anupamaa,” talked candidly about her difficult times and described encountering the casting couch while attempting to get into the film industry.

Rupali Ganguly reveals about facing the casting couch while she was trying in films

In a Pinkvilla interview, Rupali Ganguly talked candidly about her difficult times. Speaking about the same subject, the actress disclosed that while she was attempting her luck in movies, she confronted the casting couch. The Anupamaa star revealed the dark side of Bollywood by revealing a number of unpleasant experiences that drove her to give up on her dream of being a movie star. Rupali elaborated on it, saying:

“There was one time when I didn’t do well in films, and that was a choice I made. Because predominantly casting couchs existed in the industry at that point of time, it did. Maybe some people didn’t come across it, but people like me did come across it, and we decided not to make that choice.”

During that same conversation, Rupali also mentioned that her family disapproved of her when she began working in television. mentioning that some thought she was a failure for choosing to work in television because she came from a filmy background. Rupali added that although she did feel awful about her choices at the time, she is now proud of them. To quote her:

“So you’re considered a failure because you come from a film family. At that time, I did feel small but today I feel very proud. I feel very proud. My Anupamaa has given me that stature and position which I always dreamt of and I hoped for her. So Anupamaa is life-changing for me. I am so grateful to God and my father. I think he did it.”

Rupali talked about getting age-shamed despite giving a hit show like Anupamaa

Earlier, Rupali talked candidly about experiencing ageism in an interview with ETimes. Speaking about the same subject, the actress revealed that, despite starring in a popular program like Anupamaa, she has experienced age-shaming. Rupali also mentioned how she frequently reads remarks implying that she appears older than her on-screen husband, Gaurav Khanna. Rupali mentioned that she is happy with her wrinkles.

“I have gone through body shaming, age shaming even after Anupamaa. Arre your wrinkles are visible, arre that fat lady, yes I have wrinkles and I am proud of them. I am proud of what I am today. After three years of Anupamaa, I can say I accept the way I am. Any woman who is going through this, I would say just shame your haters back.”

Earlier, in an interview with the Times of India, the actress had opened up about the challenges she faced resuming work after her delivery. Talking about the same, Rupali mentioned that playing a lead character in the 40s without having an industry-standard body is a tough task. However, she is happy that it worked out for her.