Rupali Ganguly: The Beloved Actress and Balancing Act Of A Working Mother!!!

Many fans in the millions have fallen in love with her because of her outstanding performance and sympathetic portrayal of Anupamaa. Due to her ability and the captivating plot of the show, Rupali Ganguly has become well-known and a fan favorite. Despite having a busy schedule, she stays engaged on social media and delights her followers with frequent updates about her personal life.

Balancing Career and Family

As a working mother, Rupali shares her experiences balancing her professional commitments and family life. Married to businessman Ashwin K. Verma, Rupali has a son named Rudransh. While she is away for work, Rudransh expresses his longing for his mother’s presence at home. However, this nine-year-old treats Rupali like a child, ensuring the lights in their bedroom are turned off every night. Rupali admits that as a working mother, she carries a constant sense of guilt, which many others share in similar situations.

The Guilt of a Working Mother

To bridge the gap caused by her work commitments, Rupali tries to connect with her son through video calls during breaks from the shoot. She appreciates the understanding and support she receives from everyone on the set, including the director. Rupali Ganguly fondly recalls an endearing habit of her son, Rudransh. When he returns home, Rudransh calls her up and asks, “Momma, kitne baje ghar aa rahe ho?” (“Mom, what time will you be home?”). This simple gesture showcases the strong bond between the mother and son, reminding her of her father.

Reflections on Iconic Roles

During an interview, Rudransh revealed that his mother’s real-life persona is reminiscent of Monisha Sarabhai, a character from another iconic show where Rupali starred, Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai. Rupali expresses her gratitude for the chance to work with wonderful scripts and skilled writers and feels herself fortunate to have been a part of such amazing productions. She believes in constantly challenging herself and avoiding repetition in her roles, as she understands the importance of offering something new and engaging to the audience.

The Mother-Son Bond

Rupali’s relationship with her son is filled with love and camaraderie, evident in their interactions. While discussing shopping preferences, Rupali admits that she is not particularly fond of shopping, except for the art of bargaining. Her son playfully adds that his mother’s best skill is bargaining, likening her to the character Monisha Sarabhai. Rupali humorously admits that she excels at bargaining and enjoys showcasing this talent in larger stores, particularly electronics stores.

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