Sacred Games Insults Rajiv Gandhi, Son Rahul Gandhi Finally Speaks Out

Sacred Games is into a lot of controversies as it shows its characters openly expressing their views on ex-politicians during various incidents. In fact, one of the Congress worker, Rajeev Kumar Sinha, even lodged a complaint against the show for insulting ex-Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.


However, Rajiv Gandhi’s own son, Rahul Gandhi has changed Sinha’s views with his positive outlook which led to a withdrawal of the complaint earlier filed.

Everyone was eagerly waiting for Rahul Gandhi, son of Rajiv Gandhi to speak up on this controversy about Sacred Games using objectionable language against his father. He did share his views and won hearts with the same. Rahul said that he respected the freedom of speech and expression that is offered to everyone in this country and his father’s image would not be corrupted by the personal views of one character in a fictional web series.


He took to Twitter and wrote, “BJP/RSS believe the freedom of expression must be policed & controlled. I believe this freedom is a fundamental democratic right.

My father lived and di*d in the service of India. The views of a character on a fictional web series can never change that.”


This single tweet of Rahul Gandhi attracted a lot of appreciation from others in the industry. Here’s what many of them said.


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