Sadak 2 Actress Chrisann Pereira Released From Sharjah Jail, After Arrest In Drug Smuggling Case


Chrisann Pereira, 27, is an actor and model who has starred in plays, web series, and films. Her most significant roles to date have been as minor characters in Sadak 2 and Batla House. Pereira has also appeared in web series such as Thinkistan and Murder in Agonda, where she co-starred alongside Lillete Dubey.

Chrisann Pereira earned a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication from the HR College of Commerce and Economics in Mumbai, according to her LinkedIn profile. The actor was in the news for the past year for her involvement in a drug case and was arrested in UAE jail. Read the complete story regarding her controversy.

Chrisann Pereira Drug Arrest Case


As per the investigation, it was revealed that on March 23, Pramila, Chrissann’s mother, received a message from ‘Ravi’ who claimed to be a talent consultant. He informed Pramila about auditions for a web series that were reportedly taking place in Sharjah and urged her to send Chrisann.

Ravi met Chrisann the day before she went to Sharjah and gave her a gift to give to someone in Sharjah. He also offered her a forged return ticket and told her that she would be met at the airport and that a room had been reserved for her at a Sharjah hotel.

However, when Chrisann Pereira arrived in Sharjah on April 1, she discovered no one to greet her and no accommodation was reserved in her name. She called her father, who became suspicious. When Pereira’s father learned that his daughter had been given a trophy to hand over in Sharjah, his suspicions were even stronger.

According to Indian Express, he recommended Chrisann seek assistance from the police. Chrisann was arrested after police discovered cannabis and opium in the keepsake she was carrying. Since April 1, she has been detained at Sharjah Central Jail.

Chrisann Finally Got Released From the Jail

The Pereira family approached Mumbai police, and the Mumbai Crime Branch (unit X) ultimately began investigating the matter. They discovered Anthony Paul, whose sister lived in the same building as Pramila Pereira. The two women had clashed twice, once over the subject of wearing masks and again over a barking pet dog.

Anthony Paul plotted to frame Pramila Pereira’s daughter in a drug case in order to inflict revenge on her. He enlisted the help of his associate Rajesh Damodar alias Ravi to act as a talent adviser. And also asked to  deceive Chrisann into transporting cocaine to Sharjah.

Paul had allegedly informed Sharjah authorities that the actor was carrying drugs and intended to have her detained. After thorough investigation, Paul and Ravi got arrested. She Chrisann finally breathed a sigh of relief and got released from the jail.



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