Saroj Khan was a very famous Bollywood choreographer who had worked with almost every star in the Bollywood industry. She has been the mind behind the hook steps and trademark steps of most of the stars and is known for many songs that became quite a rage because of the dance moves. Many stars have been writing condolences for Saroj Khan demise and now Saif Ali Khan has come out to express his emotions. Saif Ali Khan Reveals Late Saroj Khan Was Capable Of Shaming Stars To Make Them Perform.

Saif Ali Khan and Saroj Khan

In a conversation with ET Times, Saif Ali Khan talked about late choreographer working style that enabled her to get the best out of every actor. Saif was quoted saying “I was shooting a lovely romantic song late at night in Hyderabad and the heroine was having a bit of trouble with the expression. Saroji yelled on the mike: “Sex !!! It’s sex !! Have you never had sex ?????” she could shame us into performing!”

The actor went on to add, “A song with her often became real art, with every beat and step requiring an emotion and expression. Like she told Kareena once: “If you can’t move your feet, move your face at least !!” That era is gone and that music is over, but for all of us who have had the privilege of being instructed on set by that great lady, will never be able to hear a Hindi film song without thinking of how she has made the greatest names in Bollywood from Amitabh Bachchan and Sridevi to Shahrukh khan and Madhuri Dixit, dance to her tunes. Rest in peace masterji, and thank you for everything you gave us.”

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