Saif Ali Khan Was Asked If He Feels Jealous Of His Wife Kareena’s Success, His Reply Will Win Your Hearts

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor walked down the aisle on October 16, 2012, they have been married for years now yet they share the same amount of warmth and admiration. The couple is adored by one and all as they have been giving some major relationship goals. Saif was last seen in Laal Kaptaan which did not fare well at the box office while each and every film that Kareena does is a hit at the box office. And we wonder if this creates an issue between the couple.

In a recent interview with Rajeev Masand Saif was asked if he feels jealous of his wife whenever he suffered a big failure at the box office. Saif being his witty self came up with a humorous reply, he had stated, “No, no, no. I mean I think we’re far too realistic for that kind of thing. One understands that but no we aren’t as chauvinist…you know things change, things go up and down and things happen. At one point in time somebody is more successful than the other and the other time both people are having a great time. But I have never measured life in those terms. In fact the success of my life has got nothing to do with box office. It’s to do precisely what’s happening at home.”

He had further added, “I imagine there might be pressure if you are not working and if your are not contributing and if you kind of just, you know, lazing around, being jobless. I mean that would be I can imagine a little embarrassing and a little irritating to the partner as well. But any good thing if you’re doing better than me…I mean I do live with such a glamourous and successful movie star and it never, never…maybe it’s her greatness as a person that it never really feels like a competition, which of course it isn’t. And maybe I can say that she is a bit younger so…. (laughs) I don’t know whatever games we play to feel better. But yeah, I don’t compete or feel bad about that, ever,”

In an interview with Pinkvilla, Saif had once got candid and spoke at length about his wife Kareena and what all qualities he adores about his wife. He had stated, “There are obvious things like loyalty…giving importance to family, being grounded and not being too carried away with all the work that we can get carried away by. Having your priorities straight – time for family, time for friends, that is the most important.”

He had further added, “Along with work being important as well but not obsessing to the point of cut-throat decisions and doing everything for that and then ending up only having that (laughs). As a wife, not being very pushy and demanding. Being very easy going about a lot of things. You’ve got to be easy to live with if you want someone to live with you happily. She’s very easy to live with”.

We wish Saif and Kareena a lifetime of togetherness.

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