Salman Khan Calls Sumbul Tauqeer Obsessed With Shalin Bhanot, Know What Is Cooking Up In Bigg Boss!!

New twists and turns are being seen in ‘Bigg Boss 16’ every day. On the one hand, where there are fierce fights between the contestants, on the other hand, there is a lot of ruckus regarding the love triangle seen in the show. In such a situation, it now seems that the end of this triangle is near. Recently Tina and Sumbul were seen fighting over Shalin Bhanot, so now in Friday’s war, Sumbul has been reprimanded by Salman Khan because of Shalin.

Watch The Promo Shared By Makers Here!!

Salman Khan

A new promo of Bigg Boss has been released by the makers, in which Salman Khan is taking Sumbul Tauqeer Khan’s class in Friday’s war. It is seen in the video that Salman Khan tells Sumbul that she is obsessed with Shalin. What a deep friendship they have that Tina is not given five minutes to talk to Shalin. On this, nodding his head politely, he says that Sumbul is 20 years younger to him.

Sumbul Tauqeer

At the same time, Tina agrees to Salman Khan and says, “Yes sir, even when Shalin goes to the bathroom, she stands outside”. Salman Khan asks Shalin if he is not seeing this. After listening to Salman Khan, Sumbul starts crying and says with folded hands that she needs to go home, and she do not want to stay here. Salman Khan says on this, “Go away, who has stopped you?”

Shalin Bhanot And Sumbul

In fact, in the last episode, a fierce fight was seen between Shalin Bhanot and rapper MC Stan. The fight between the two escalated to such an extent that the rest of the family had to pacify them. Actually, Shalin makes some comments about Stan’s family, after which rappers rush to raise his hands on Shalin. Now it has to be seen how Salman Khan will deal with these two.