Salman Khan Caught Holding Cigarette While Hosting ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ Episode, Sparks Debate!

Salman Khan is controversy’s favourite child. He is always in the news for some other reason. The actor again came into the spotlight when his video clip while hosting the Bigg Boss show became viral on social media. Netizens spotted something that is sparking debate on social media. Read further to know what Salman did this time.

Salman Khan Was Caught Holding Cigarette In His Hand While Hosting Bigg Boss

On the evening of Saturday, the actor returned to the sets of Bigg Boss OTT 2 to catch up on the week’s events within the Bigg Boss house and provide guidance to the contestants before the elimination. He appeared in formal attire, donning a faded blue shirt and pants, and engaged in conversations with the contestants.

Amidst the audience’s interest in Salman’s interaction with the contestants, an observant viewer spotted a cigarette in his hand. The image quickly made its way to Reddit, triggering various reactions from fans. Many expressed their views on the perceived hypocrisy of Salman smoking during the episode, particularly considering his recent admonishment of Akanksha Puri and Jad Hadid for their display of affection on the show, where he emphasized the importance of upbringing, family values, and culture.

Netizens Troll Salman Khan For Being A Hypocrite

One Reddit user commented, “It’s no surprise that he’s a hypocrite, but if he’s going to lecture others, he should at least behave better in their presence.” Another user chimed in, saying, “He goes on moral lectures to the contestants, and yet…” A third comment expressed, “Since it’s on OTT and not national TV, there might not be a legal issue. But it’s clear he’s a massive hypocrite. He lectures contestants about culture and other things while engaging in all sorts of wrong actions himself. It’s ironic.”

Recently Salman Khan criticized Akanksha Puri in response to the kissing scandal involving Jad Hadid. When Akanksha mentioned that she had previously kissed in a web series, Salman strongly rebuked her, emphasizing that Bigg Boss OTT is not a scripted program.


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