Salman Khan Got Dengue, Now This Artist Will Host Weekend Ka Vaar Of Bigg Boss!!

There is bad news for fans of Bollywood actor Salman Khan and fans of reality show Bigg Boss. According to the recent reports, the actor will not be able to join Bigg Boss for a few days. Actually, due to the ill health of the actor, the fans will have to watch Bigg Boss without Salman Khan. Not only this, now another artist from the entertainment world is going to host this show in his place. According to reports, actor Salman has been diagnosed with dengue, due to which he will not be able to host Bigg Boss.

Salman Khan

According to media reports, the audience will not be able to see Bhaijaan in Bigg Boss for some time now due to the actor having dengue. In his place, now famous filmmaker Karan Johar will be seen hosting some episodes of this show. Earlier, Karan also hosted the first season of the OTT version of Bigg Boss. In such a situation, seeing the condition of Salman, now Karan has been given the command of Bigg Boss 16 for some time.

Karan Johar

Earlier, Salman Khan was also missing in the episode which aired on Friday. Actually, this season Weekend Ka Vaar episode is aired on Friday and Saturday. In such a situation, everyone kept waiting for Salman Bhai in the latest episode aired on Friday, but the show ended without him coming, due to which many questions were arising in everyone’s mind. But now after the report surfaced, it has been revealed that why Salman did not appear in Friday’s episode.


At the same time, talking about the latest episode of Bigg Boss, the latest episode aired on Friday saw a lot of uproar inside the house. Actually, fulfilling the lack of Salman Khan, Bigg Boss himself simplified the chaos in the house. Not only this, due to repeated violations of rules in the house, Bigg Boss snatched the captaincy from Shiv and made Archana the new captain of the house, who till now has been pointing fingers at every captain. After this decision of Bigg Boss, there is a lot of ruckus in the house