Salman Khan Reveals Why He Only Wears ‘Being Human’ T-Shirts With Torn Jeans; Read Here!

Bollywood actor Salman Khan is one of the very few actors who is not seen in anything other than his own clothing brand, ‘Being Human,’ when he is not hosting Bigg Boss 16 or acting in a film. The actor once said in an interview that he does not wear very expensive clothes so that his fans do not waste money on copying his style. He said that if a person has a good body, he will look good in any outfit.

In an interview, Salman was asked about his huge fan following. He said that he thinks that fans see a common man in me. He does not like to live like a star. he wears Being Human t-shirts, torn jeans, and old boots for ages.

He said that you can afford to dress up well. But that does not mean you have to wear expensive clothes. He added, “Salaries are so less, families are so big. Jo cheez hum pahante hain (the clothes we wear), the children want it, the fans want it. Ab Armani ka suit pahanenge, ya Versace ya Dolce and Gabbana doesn’t make any difference.”

Salman further added that he would rather wear the most ill-fitting clothes which would look good because you go to the gym. He believes that it does not matter whether you wear tight jeans or loose jeans or torn jeans, if the body under your clothes is good then anything would look good on you. One fan commented, “He’s right though. He’s never cared about brands or a fancy lifestyle. He said the same to a fan on BB .. don’t waste your or your parents’s hard-earned money on clothes just because stars wear all this.”