‘Salman Khan Should’ve Launched A Dog Instead’: Aayush Sharma Shares Hurtful Remark By Trolls

Despite his earnest efforts and growth as an actor since his debut in 2018’s “Loveyatri,” Aayush Sharma has faced harsh criticism and trolling, particularly at the onset of his career.

In a recent interview, Aayush Sharma recounted a particularly hurtful moment when a troll suggested that Salman Khan should have launched a dog instead of him. The actor became emotional as he recalled the impact of this cruel remark.

Reflecting on the hurtful comparison, Aayush Sharma expressed how it deeply affected him, especially considering the implications for his future and his children’s perception of him. Despite the pain, he acknowledged that this comment catalyzed his personal growth and determination.

During the interview, Aayush Sharma stated, “That day is what made me. BeUntilow, I faced many things, which is okay, but when I was compared to a dog, that’s when I first felt that one day when my son goes on the internet and wants to read about his father, someone will write that his father is a dog.”

He further added, “When my son and daughter grow up and search about their father on Google, they should read good things. They should be proud of me. A big portal had written that Aayush Sharma is a dog.”

Turning Adversity into Motivation

Despite the pain caused by the remark, Aayush Sharma expressed gratitude towards the critics, acknowledging that their harsh words served as a wake-up call, propelling him to strive for excellence. He credited this experience for shaping him into the person he is today.

He remarked, “Today, I want to thank them. They kicked me in the butt to become this person.” He revealed that the thought of creating a positive legacy for his children motivates him to overcome challenges and push his limits.

Aayush Sharma’s Ongoing Projects

Despite the initial struggles, Aayush Sharma has continued to pursue his passion for acting. Following “Loveyatri,” he appeared in “Antim: The Final Truth” alongside Salman Khan and Mahima Makwana. Additionally, he has been featured in music videos, showcasing his versatility.

His upcoming project, “Ruslaan,” set to release on April 26, promises to further showcase his talent and dedication to his craft.