Salman Khan Worried About Sunil Grover’s Treatment, Gave His Personal Team Of Doctors To The Comedian

Sunil Grover, popularly known as ‘Gutthi’ and ‘Dr. Mashoor Gulati’ in the TV world, has recently come into the limelight due to health reasons. Sunil Grover had a heart attack, due to which he underwent surgery and now he is much better than before. The actor had a heart attack due to a blockage. He underwent surgery at the Asian Heart Institute in Mumbai and has now been discharged. Many celebrities from the industry have expressed concern over Sunil Grover’s condition and now the news is coming that Bollywood’s Bhaijaan Salman Khan is also worried about Sunil Grover’s health.

Salman Khan, who is called the ‘Man of Golden Heart’ on Sunil Grover’s health, has not only expressed concern but has also asked his team of doctors to keep an eye on Sunil’s health. Let us tell you that Sunil Grover and Salman Khan worked together in the film Bharat and since then both of them have had a strong friendship. According to a report in ‘India Today’, Salman has asked his team of doctors working with Being Human to closely monitor Sunil Grover’s health and ensure that the comedian is doing well. Salman’s team also kept an eye on Sunil’s heart surgery.

People came to know about Sunil Grover’s heart surgery through social media and the fans were shocked to hear about his surgery. Even Kapil Sharma and actor Ali Asgar, who worked with Sunil, were not aware of this. Ali Asghar even said that when he came to know about the comedian’s surgery, at first he found this news fake.

In a conversation with Hindustan Times, Ali Asghar said, ‘It was very shocking news. At this age, she is quite fit and active, so this was also very scary news. Initially, I thought it was fake news. I still can’t believe it was a heart attack. But now it is confirmed that it was a heart attack. Sunil is a man who makes others laugh, this should not have happened to him. Every man’s prayers are with him. I think he will take more care of himself now. I think he must have been busy due to work. Sunil Grover was seen in Zee5’s web series ‘Sun Flower’ last year. Apart from this, he also appeared in an important role in Saif Ali Khan’s web show ‘Tandav’.