‘Sameera Reddy’ Defining True Beauty; Fans Showering Her With Love!

Today’s social platform has set its standard of beauty. They expect women to wear makeup every day and to always be young.  Amidst all this chaos, Sameera Reddy, the Bollywood actor, and a mother-of-two is influencing her followers with lots of body positivity and self-love videos.

She always shares videos and pictures on Instagram talking about the topics which are widely needed to be discussed by today’s society. Her unique videos always comfort many women who are trying hard to fit in the society’s definition of beauty.

Her fitness Friday video on Instagram has motivated many people to step out of their comfort zone. She kept it real by sharing her fitness journey with her Instagram family. She has always said that by creating these videos for her followers, she gained motivation to make healthy choices.

Recently, she shared a video of herself on the song Oo Antava Oo  Oo Antava, from the Pushpa film saying no to filters and exposing her no make-up face. She wrote the caption as “Girl. you don’t need a filter. You are beautiful just the way you are” and used hashtags like #imperfectlyperfect and #limitless. This video has influenced many people to accept who they are.

We admire her for the courage she has. The film industry showcases women only with the perfect shape and skin color. Being a part of this unrealistic industry, we admire her for supporting that every woman out there is beautiful in her way. This change is what society needs the most now. So, don’t try hard to try being pretty by covering your real face under the makeup products. You are beautiful in your skin.

Sameera Reddy!! Keep going, girl !!!! We love you for being true to yourself and others.

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