Sana Khan Shares A Cryptic Post For Ex-Boyfriend, Melvin Louis On Valentine’s Day, the duo are on a Meme war!!

Sana Khan and Melvin’s Louis dated each other for some time. Their love story started last year on Valentine’s Day. Sana had shared a beautiful picture and few glimpse of her memories with him. That was a very ecstatic and joyous time for Sana and that was the happiest time of her life.

Then Came the reports of their possible break-up. The two of them broke up some time back. The actor had even deleted all the pictures with her ex-boyfriend. However, she never really talked about it until a few days ago and had shared a long Instagram post, wherein she shared all the ugly details of her breakup. In addition, it was enough to know that Sana was going through a tough time in her life.

After Sana shard her side of the story, Melvin had taken to his Instagram handle and shared a video, wherein he was seen wrapping the kite flying thread in his hands and had donned a t-shirt that reads, “Bulati Hai Magar Jaane Ka Nahi.” He had captioned it as “For the win #BulatiHaiMagarJaaneKaNahi #Lapeto #TruthWillPrevail”.

To reply the post of the Melvin, on Valentine’s Day Sana posted a meme which reads, “Jo ladke status daal rahe hai bulati hai magar jaane ka nahi, unka bata du ki sacchai to ye hai ki jaane ka hai par koi bulati nahi.” Along with it, Sana wrote a fiery caption that states, “Reality! Strictly for Delusional ones. Chillata hai magar darne ka nahin. Happy Valentine’s Day all 50% truth prevailed rest will also soon!”

The duo who were much in love with each other had some tiffs in between and now are not together. The Meme war is still on, as the duo are replying indirectly to each other’s post in a sarcastic manner. Though both of them loved each other a lot and now broke up and, fighting with each other. If this war is going to continue, the both of them are going to hurt their sentiments.