Sana Makbul Calls Rahul Vaidya ‘Petty And Kiddish’: ‘Can Never Talk To Him Again’

Former Khatro Ke Khiladi contestant Sana Makbul had opened up about her falling out with co-contestant Rahul Vaidya, and why she does not want to speak with him again. Sana said in an interview that their friendship was affected when their fans began arguing with each other on social media.

She said that Rahul ‘was a dear friend’ and around the time the first episode of Khatron Ke Khiladi was aired, someone made a comment on Twitter about her acing a stunt.

She told RJ Siddharth Kanan, “I post swimwear pictures, but I have never received a negative comment. All of a sudden, someone commented on my wall about Rahul and XYZ party- RKV and some XYZ party are fighting- and I was caught in the middle. I like all the comments to make fans feel like I’m paying attention. Me liking and retweeting that tweet was supposed to mean, ‘Haha, they didn’t think this girl could do it, and she did it.’ So it wasn’t a direct thing to Rahul or anyone. And this was how it began.”

She further added, “The RKV fans started abusing me, and Rahul Vaidya was very sweet. He found out that something was happening and messaged me. I told him to ignore it. And all of a sudden after 15 days, he unfollowed me on Instagram, and I’m like, ‘Why did you do that? You spoiled our friendship.’ He said, ‘You liked and retweeted that tweet.’ And I said, ‘It wasn’t directed at you, I don’t know why you are getting so affected’.”

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Although later when she tried to discuss the issue with him she came to the conclusion that if their bond could be reduced to this, then she was better off not engaging with him, and went on to call his behavior ‘petty’ and ‘kiddish’.

Sana Makbul concluded by saying that she probably ‘can never’ talk to him again.