Sania Mirza Reveals That Her Son, Izhaan Is Mentally Disturbed After Shoaib Malik’s Third Marriage: Deets Inside!

Sania Mirza disclosed that her son Izhaan, whose father Shoaib Malik remarried three times, is mentally disturbed and has stopped attending school as a result of bullying.

On January 20, 2024, Pakistani cricket player Shoaib Malik shocked everyone by revealing that actress Sana Javed was his third wife in a series of photos he had posted online. The cricket player previously wed Sania Mirza, the rising star in Indian tennis, and the two even had a son named Izhaan. In a recent phone interview, Sania discussed how Shoaib Malik’s third marriage had affected her 5-year-old son Izhaan with Pakistani journalist Naeem Hanif.

Sania Mirza said that her son, Izhaan, has left going to school after his father, Shoaib Malik’s third marriage

Chief journalist Naeem Hanif of Samaa TV revealed that he spoke on the phone with Sania Mirza, who informed him that her son, Izhaan, is mentally disturbed due to his father, Shoaib Malik, getting married. She continued by saying that Izhaan had completely stopped attending school as a result of being teased at school by the students, who would not stop asking him about his father’s third marriage. Izhaan no longer wanted to stay in Dubai because he was so mentally unstable that Sania had to take him to India.

For those who don’t know, Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik were residents of Dubai, where their son Izhaan attended school. However, Sania was forced to return to India with her son after word spread of Shoaib’s third marriage. Sania continued, saying that although she has adapted to the circumstances, her son will require some time to do so.

Sania Mirza says that she regrets getting married to Shoaib Malik

Sania Mirza had expressed remorse for marrying Shoaib Malik against the advice of her family and friends, Naeem Hanif disclosed during the same conversation. Adding that she always hopes for the best for Shoaib, even though they are no longer together. She also said that she will always stay in touch with Shoaib’s family because they are so kind and loving toward her.

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