Sanya Malhotra Shares Her Horrible Experiences With Casting Director,.Asked Her For…

Actor Sanya Malhotra opened up about the hurdles that she had to face in her acting journey. She talked about judgmental comments by casting directors and a lack of support from her mother.

In an interview, Sanya said that she was always blessed with supreme confidence. She somehow knew that she would make it as either an actor or a dancer. However, her mother took her to ‘Pandits’ who believed that she would be better suited to a job in a bank.

In her chat with internet celebrity Uorfi Javed, Sanya spoke about the confidence with which she approached the process of finding acting jobs in Mumbai.

She said that she was so sure of her talent that she refused to wear makeup to auditions. Asked about any unsavoury experiences that she might have had over the years, she said, “Jaw reconstruction, I still remember. I was like, ‘What?’”

She continued, “They don’t say anything now. But I know I’m perfect! I’m so confident, I can’t even tell you. But, of course, it fluctuates. Especially during periods, it goes for a toss. I have endometriosis as well; there’s a cyst in my ovaries. But I was so confident that when I came to Mumbai, I used to go for auditions without hair or makeup. I was sure I’d be selected for my acting alone. In school, of course, I had a moustache. One boy made fun of me for it, and I shot back, ‘Well, you don’t have one’. Even at that age, I was sure I would become a heroine.”

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When asked if she faced any pushback from her parents regarding her career choices, Sanya Malhotra revealed that they both were very encouraging. However, her mother had one condition for her: she had to finish her education first.

“She wanted me to complete my post-graduation. To my surprise, my father was more encouraging. But my mother took me to at least threePanditt jis, all of whom said that I shouldn’t pursue acting and that this wasn’t the correct line for me. They told my mother that I would study economics and get into a bank. I said, ‘That’s not possible’.”