‘Sar Me Dard Ho Gya’: Audiences Say After Coming Out Of Theatre Watching Brahmastra!

Alia and Ranbir’s Film Brahmastra is earning a lot at the box office. let us tell you the Film has made approx collection of ₹200 crore over weekend. On one hand, the film crew is celebrating about hitting the Rs 100 crore mark in the opening weekend. On the other hand, Actress Kangana Ranaut doesn’t seem to be thrilled about this celebration. She refused to believe the Box office collection. According to The actress ,the producers of Brahmastra are misrepresenting their income from films.

Not Only Kangana Ranaut, Many Twitter users are sharing photos of Empty Theatres saying Film’s team are doing gambling and doing Fake PR, Advertisements and Showing fake ticket collections. In the photos we can see There are very few people or no people inside the Hall but the film is screening.

Let us tell you Many Audience who came out of the theatre after watching Brahmastra when Asked how the film was? On this their Answer will surprise you.

One who came out of theatre when asked About the film He said, “sar dard ho gaya”.After this when paparazzi asked aap ko acha nahi laga, He said: Nahi laga, Ekdum Sar dard ho gaya while his wife said: sabko ticket ke sath crocin ya to Dolo Tablet do.Further The man said: There is only magic in the picture, there was not any story, There was only Matha fori They also said We will say in our family not to watch this film.

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Meanwhile The Another Video of Girl can be heard saying that, ” Pure hall ki almost seats khali thi aur Avi bhi mujhe aankho ke saamne blue, red yellow patakhe hi Dikh Rahe hain”(The entire hall was Empty and still I am seeing blue red yellow,and crackers light in my eyes) .she also explains that there was nothing to relate with Hindu culture. Their try is completely empty.

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Some users made memes on Alia bhatt’s character in the film. One users shared a 30 second video in which she is acting Like Alia whole character in the movie. People said: Alia was only in the movie for saying, “Tum kaun ho shiva, Tum thik ho shivaa, Shivaaa, Kya hua shivaa, Mai thik hu Shiva. Watch video;





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