The air is filled with happy news in the TV land and B-town! After a significant number of our preferred celebrities, in particular, Chhavi Mittal, Sameera Reddy and numerous other grasping parenthood in 2019, we have another entertainer who just entered the temporary fad as of late. We are discussing none other than, Jamai Raja’s acclaimed actress, Sara Arfeen Khan, and her entertainer spouse, Arfeen Khan. Neither of them has uncovered the uplifting news on their social life or to any media house. It was Sara’s yoga trainer who revealed the good news.

Sara and Arfeen have been hitched for a very long time since 2009 and entered the arena of parenthood in 2019. Affirming the updates on her pregnancy prior, Sara had shared the due date and uncovered that the child was expected on July 8, 2019. But do you know that Sara and Arfeen have been honored with two flawless twins? Indeed, believe it or not! Twofold the shopping, twofold the joy and twofold of everything decent, would it say it isn’t?

The ‘Jamai Raja’ fame’s yoga trainer, Jen Phenix announced this happy news via her Instagram on 18th July 2019. She shared a lovely picture of the new mother and her baby bears Zidane (meaning growth and progress) and Aizah (daughter of Hazrat Ali). She captioned it as, “Congratulations to my lovely student Sara who recently gave birth to her gorgeous twins Aizah & Zidane by planned cesarean birth. Her experience shows just how helpful pregnancy yoga and hypnobirthing can be regardless of what type of birth you have.” She further added what the mother of these newborn babies said to her, ““I wanted to acknowledge and thank you for your brilliant techniques I learned in your pregnancy yoga which kept me and my twins calm and stresses free throughout my third trimester and although I knew I was going to have a C-section, your Hypno-yoga birth preparation class kept me really calm before and throughout my operation considering I’m a nervous wreck when it comes to surgeries. I could hear your voice echoing telling me to breathe and relax my jaws. Thank you so much for helping me bring my bundle of joy stress-free in this world! I think to stay calm and stress-free myself was the best gift I had given my twins during pregnancy. I’m now looking forward to your mummy and baby yoga class.” Looking forward to seeing Sara in mummy and baby yoga soon, and yes it can be possible with twins!”  Have a look at the picture:

Earlier, in an interview with The Times of India, Sara revealed, “The baby is due on July 8 and we are super excited. It doesn’t matter if it’s a girl or a boy. We are grateful to God for this beautiful gift, which has already changed our lives. It’s a very personal matter and I had only shared it with very close friends and family. Besides, I have been in London since February.” She further added, For the first few months, it was not sinking in that I’m going to be a mother. But now, it’s finally sunk in, especially when I feel the baby move constantly. Nothing can match up to the feeling of my baby moving in my womb. I think that names are the hardest to finalize. We are still working on it.”

We wish health and happiness to Sara and her little munchkins.