Sara Ali Khan Is A Stalker, Obsessed With Janvi Kapoor. Here’s the proof.

Saif Ali Khan is on every director’s casting list nowadays. She is riding high on the success of Kedarnath and Simmba. Her tremendous work on Kedarnath and Simmba left everyone speechless. On the other hand, Janhvi Kapoor has also shown immense talent in her debut film Dhadak. With a rocky start in the industry, Janhvi has shown tremendous confidence on the red carpet events and press conferences. In a recent interview with Famously Filmfare, Sara Ali Khan revealed that she is obsessed with Janvhi Kapoor’s Instagram. In fact, Sara Ali Khan also revealed that she really likes Janhvi Kapoor’s Instagram.

Sara and Jahnvi are friends and often seen spending time together. In an interview with a leading daily, Sara said that she and Janhvi go back a long way, and have nothing but love for each other,she said “In fact, for the first couple of times, any entertainment website made collages of Janhvi and me, one of us would send it to the other and laugh.”

“Janhvi and I have known each other before our association with the film world. I’ve only loved her and I wish her the best with everything she does,” she added.

Earlier, in an interview, when asked about her comparison with Janhvi, Sara stated that “Can I control it? What’s the point. I think that I understand that I can’t control it. I understand that it’s inevitable. But I don’t think it’s anything to get insecure about if it’s motivating. I’ve Instagrammed messaged her so many times. Look they’ve compared us again or..this is so funny. It all depends on the way that you react to it. I think comparisons are inevitable, pitted against each other is inevitable. It depends on you to comfortable in your own skin.”


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