Sara Ali Khan Revealed How Mommy, Amrita Singh Stopped Her from Faking A Cardiac Arrest

Sara Ali Khan’s future in Bollywood is way glowing than other young actresses. Moreover, a lot of its credit goes to her beloved mother, Amrita Singh, who has been with her as a pillar of strength. Amrita Singh is guiding her daughter in each step of her career right from the beginning of her career. In her recent interview, Sara Ali Khan recalls one such incident when she was a little bit unprofessional but her mother delivered some valuable advice to her.

Sara Ali Khan was in a candid conversation with East India Comedy and recalled an incident, when she had a narration meet-up with a filmmaker. The narration started well but went excessively long and became frustrating for the actor as the filmmaker kept on going and going for hours. Sara described the whole incident and revealed that she went into the washroom to seek some help from her mother, Amrita Singh to get out of that situation.

 She said, “There was this one time. I am not going to say much…because he said so much! I went to the restroom with my phone, three hours in, and I told my mom, ‘Look, I know that we are all professional and we should be thankful for these opportunities… But can I pretend to have a cardiac arrest? Is that allowed?’ She said no, so I asked, ‘Should I faint? Should I throw up? What do I do?’ She told me that I have to go back with professionalism and continue till the end.”

Well, this is the reason why Sara Ali Khan respects and adores her mother, Amrita Singh so much. However, Sara in the same interview added that she understood her mother’s advice and went back to the filmmaker and he continued to speak-up for five more hours. This is not the only time when Sara Ali Khan had revealed her admiration for her mother, Amrita Singh. 

Sara had taken to her Instagram handle and had shared a couple of collages with her mommy and her brother. Alongside it, she had written a poem and an excerpt from her long poem could be read as “Mirror mirror- are you mommy or a reflection? The only difference between us- is I always want her attention. She, on the other hand, is full of love, hugs and affection. Moreover, undivided time and energy I sometimes forget to mention. My anchor, my inspiration, the magician that takes away all tension. She has cured for mood swings, hair-fall, dry skin and water retention.”

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