Sara Ali Khan Unviels The Truth Behind The Reports Of Her Moving Into Her New House Leaving Mom’s House

Sara Ali Khan is an emerging Bollywood Actress. She made her debut in ‘Kedarnath’ against Sushant Singh Rajpoot. Sara is gorgeous and has been praised for her confidence and spontaneous answers in interviews. Followed by Kedarnath, she gave a terrific performance in Rohit Shetty’s ‘Simmba’ along with Ranveer Singh. A member of the Pataudi family, she is the daughter of actors Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh. Loved by the millennials, Sara makes it to the headlines quite often, for her professional as well as personal life.

Recently, Sara Ali Khan posted a picture, captioned as ‘Here’s to new beginnings’. In the picture, she was seeing in a new house. This made a lot of speculations that she has taken a big step and moved out of her mom, Amrita Singh’s house. She was photographed by the paparazzi moving her stuff in a car. Here are the two pictures:

Now, in an interview with Bombay Times at the Nykaa Femina Beauty Awards 2019, Sara Ali Khan revealed the actual truth about all the speculated reports. It turns out that all the exercise has been just for the ad campaign. The Simmba debutante also said that she will never stop irritating her mother. Amrita is backbone of Sara and Sara will not leave her mother alone.


When Sara came in a candid conversation on Famously Filmfare, Sara shared that how her mom is exactly like the one in ‘2 States’ in real life. She had said, “Okay, I love you, mom, but you have met her, right? You understand the whole behave yourself filter, Amrita Singh. It is the kind of the same problems as Sara. But Amrita Singh has no filters. Exactly! So, what is she going to say to me? For her, it is normal, right? I can say anything and chill. I get it from her.”

The Simmba actress further shared, “The truth be told, the mother in her wakes up very often. Because suddenly with me, there is this, ‘You can’t do this.’ I could have done it, but you can’t do it. She also has a point. But she was incredibly cool for her time. To be honest, this is something she tells me very often. ‘One could get away with a lot more back then, then you do now.’ Mom could say something and get away with it because 5 people would laugh about it like twice a year. But now, it will be like, headlines. ‘Says wrong thing!’ See, I am being so good. I am not even giving an example of what it could be. But again and again, then everywhere there is this ‘Says wrong things! Says wrong things!’ You don’t want that. You don’t need that, I feel.”

When asked if she will work with her mother, Sara had replied, “I don’t think that she will work with me. I think my father might, but I don’t think she will. Because she will be looking at me in a shot and be like eyebrow…dab.. because she is mom. So I think it will be the worst thing for her to work with me and probably the best thing for me to work with her. She won’t do it.” And along the similar lines, she talked about her father, Saif and said, “Especially because he is my father, it is no something that we can keep doing. I think it will have to be one special film.”

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