Sara Khan’s Ex-Husband Ali Merchant’s Whirlwind Romance: A Proposal Under The Burj Khalifa!

Ali Merchant’s name emerged after appearing in the fourth season of the renowned reality program Bigg Boss. However, his high-profile wedding to television actress Sara Khan, which took place within the walls of the Bigg Boss house, drew the most attention to him. The sight of their wedding sent shockwaves across the country. However, the fairy tale was short-lived, as the pair chose to split up shortly after the play ended. Ali and Sara divorced in 2011, leaving a trail of rumors and public scrutiny in their wake.

Another setback in his second attempt at love

Ali Merchant decided to give love another shot and married Anam in 2016, hoping for a more lasting partnership. This marriage, however, had a similar destiny, ending in divorce. Another unsuccessful romance added to the ups and downs of the actor’s personal life.

Ali Merchant’s Fresh Start

Ali Merchant appears to be a genuine believer in love despite the difficulties and grief he had in prior relationships. On October 18, 2023, he took a daring and extraordinary step by proposing to his love, Andleeb Zaidi, ushering in a new chapter in his loving journey.

A Magnificent Proposal Beneath the Burj Khalifa

Ali Merchant shared a lovely, heartwarming moment with Andleeb Zaidi on his Instagram account. The pair was on a yacht when Ali got down on one knee and softly slipped a ring onto Andleeb’s finger. The location was nothing short of magical, as their boat was docked exactly beneath the renowned Burj Khalifa, with the swirling fountains serving as a stunning background.

A Beautiful Moment’s Culmination

The video shows the couple’s intimate relationship even more as they hug and seal the occasion with a love kiss. Ali’s accompanying caption for the image was simple yet profound: “She said yes.” It was the start of a new chapter in Ali Merchant’s life and a hopeful turn in his search for lasting love.

Andleeb Zaidi is the woman in Ali’s life.

Ali Merchant’s now-fiancée, Andleeb Zaidi, has been a constant in his life for over a year. She is a model who is originally from Hyderabad. Their paths initially met on social media, leading to their first in-person meeting at a fashion show in Hyderabad. Ali Merchant had expressed excitement about their relationship in an interview with the Bombay Times, hinting at the prospect of something more meaningful.

Ali Merchant appears to have found the love and happiness he sought in this time of celebration, and as he begins on this new adventure with Andleeb Zaidi, he aspires for a more enduring and secure romantic connection.