Sara’S The Icebreaker; How She Differs From The Million Ambitious Indian Girls Out There

Kids are fun. Their innocence and cuteness has enough mystical power to magnate elders. Simultaneously, have you noticed some people being hesitant to take an infant in their hands? Have you seen a few people being annoyed by the truants of little boys and girls? Have you ever watched someone sweating at the thought of looking after a toddler?

Here comes ‘Sara’S’, yet another Malayalam movie giving answers to all of these questions. Sara’S deals with breaking a societal norm and hence it is a conversation starter. Well, you must be curious on what message does this women-centric film convey. To know more about the recent Malayalam OTT release, read on:

Sara’S; A tale of dreams and efforts

When we think of a woman’s life, we tend to connect her existence to the sole idea of becoming a mother. No doubt that motherhood is one of the most beautiful phases in a woman’s life. Isn’t it an option too to become a mother or not? You may search for an answer twice, but Sara is so sure and she yells out a big Yes!

Sara’s released on 5th July in Amazon Prime Video tells the story of a young girl, Sara Vincent. Sara like other girls, had relationships. And you know why all of them left? Because Sara just don’t want to be a mother. She herself knows that she is not a good fit for playing the role of a mother.

Years passed. Sara’s dream is to become a filmmaker. She has vivid plans about her future. She already has a wonderful story with her and is looking for a perfect producer. Sounds cool right? Here begins the twist.

As Sara starts her search for a producer, her parents open up on their wish to see her get married soon. 25-year-old Sara ends up meeting Jeevan who is equally hesitant to be a parent. They support each other in their career and personal life. They also decide to get married after a minimum of 2 years.

Meanwhile, Jeevan’s family insists them to get married soon. Sara resists but agrees upon Jeevan’s word that she will be in no way distracted from her ambitions. The story progresses on what happens after their marriage.

What does Sara tell every girl?

Sara represents a million girls who are highly ambitious. For them, the primary focus is to set their goals and conquer them one by one. Even though they value relations, they don’t place them over their happiness. What makes Sara different from others is the way she holds onto her dreams amidst family issues.

Film breaks the stereotypical picture that women love caressing children. Sara is someone who hates being around children. This necessarily doesn’t mean that she hates kids but she is afraid on how to handle them. This tension slowly grows and makes her decide not to be a mother even after a marriage.

The plot is not just about shattering a societal notion, but also an eye-opener on parenting. ‘Better not to be a parent than a bad parent’ one of the many amazing shots read. The film emphasizes on the need to prepare over years to be good parents. It says that anything unprepared is an ‘accident’ and will only do the negative effect. The film also highlights the fact that nobody has the power to own anyone’s soul, mind and body.

Sara’S which comes after the much discussed Malayalam movie ‘The great Indian Kitchen’ has once again stirred up audience from all over the globe. The subtle movie with a great thought has become the new talking point. Sara is played by the gorgeous actress Anna Ben and Jeevan by the new–gen romantic hero Sunny Wayne. Interestingly Benny.P.Nayarambalam, Anna’s real father is her reel father too. The film is directed by Malayalam’s favourite filmmaker Jude Anthany Joseph.

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