Saroj Khan Buried Her Eight Months’ Old Daughter & Went To Shoot For Dum Maaro Dum Song: Video Inside

Saroj Khan was an ace Bollywood choreographer who passed away yesterday due to cardiac arrest. She was known to have choreographed some of the most talked-about songs in Bollywood and given the best dance numbers. She had worked with all the top stars. She had complained that during her later years, she wasn’t getting enough work. In an old interview, Saroj Khan revealed that her daughter died when she was just eight months and five days old.

Saroj Khan daughter

But her life had always been a roller coaster ride. In an interview of the past as shown on Brut India, she had revealed how she went through a lot of problems in her personal life. In the video, she can be seen saying that her daughter who was just eight months old had died and she had buried her. And on the very same day at five, she boarded to leave for the shooting of Hare Krishna Hare Ram’s Dum Maaro Dum song.

“I come from a poor family, we were refugees when my parents moved here after the India-Pakistan partition. They had nothing back then because they had to leave everything behind. One year later I was born in Bombay and it became more difficult to run the household. When I turned three, I started dancing looking at my shadow. Nobody in our family knows dancing and not even anyone was connected to music, photography etc. So, my mother thought I am a freak and she took me to the doctor and that doctor was connected to the film industry. The doctor then said, she wants to dance, why are you stopping her? That’s how I entered the industry,” Saroj Khan said.

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Recalling the time when her daughter died, she said, “My daughter died when she was just eight months and five days old. I remember when I buried her, my train was scheduled at 5. I had to go, Hare Rama, Hare Krishna where I was supposed to do ‘Dum Maro Dum’.”

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