Satish Kaushik Proposed To Marry Neena When She Was Pregnant; She Bursted Out Crying

Even today, women will receive a number of “kya besharam ladki hai”, if she gets pregnant out of wedlock. Having a child, and not being married is still considered the biggest sin a woman can commit. Now imagine what would happen have happened in this situation in 1980s.

That is exactly what Neena Gupta had to go through when she got pregnant with Masaba and her relationship with West Indies cricketer Vivian Richards broke down too. But brave Neena didn’t give up. She didn’t care about “log kya kahenge”.

Neena Gupta authored her autobiography on 14th June, 2021, titled ‘Sach Kahun Toh’. She wrote her struggles with life throughout. Although, what caught public’s eye was her mention of friendship with Satish Kaushik.

Satish and Neena have been friends since 45 years.

Satish opened up about her proposal of marriage to Neena. He said that he didn’t want Neena to feel alone, and take responsibility as a single mother for her whole life. He said that he appreciated the bravery of the woman who decided to keep the child out of wedlock during those times. As mentioned in the book, he offered to marry her and she broke down in tears.

He added, “I told her, ‘Mai hoon na, tu chinta kyu karti hai’, and she was moved by it and burst out crying. What else are friends for, right?”

According to a review of Sach Kahun Toh published in Film Companion, Satish told Neena that if the child born was dark skinned, she can just tell the world that he is her dad and then they can both get married.

Neena also mentioned how a friend of hers wanted to set her marriage with a gay man, because he too was too much under societal pressure. They can just say the child was theirs, and go about their lives. But Neena laughed it off saying that she didn’t want to get married to avoid controversy.

Neena married Delhi-based chartered accountant Vivek Mehra in 2008.

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