Saumya Tandon Elated Over Festivities Says, “We Will Have A Lovely Diwali This Year!”

Saumya Tandon is elated with joy to celebrate her “happy times” because after two years of long wait she is looking forward to the meet her in-laws and sisters on the occasion of Diwali.

Saumya Tandon is excited and has planned in advance for the whole month. The actress is pleased that her in-laws who reside in Delhi are paying them a visit and she quoted, “Due to the pandemic, they were reluctant to travel and we couldn’t meet. Now, they are finally here. We will have a lovely Diwali this year. We will decorate the house, play cards, and even go for an intimate house party. Thankfully, after the last two years which were so sad for everyone. This year, Diwali will be all about a wonderful celebration, lots of festivities, and family time.”

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Later this month, Saumya will spend time with her sister who is living abroad. “I am flying to London to meet my sisters. I haven’t met them in two years, so it’s happy times ahead. 2021 will end on a high note for me,” she adds.

Besides, today is her birthday and she is not a “kind of party person”, so it will be a hush-hush birthday. She further adds, “I am a low-key birthday person. I get introspective and have existential questions, so I become philosophical. It will be just the family going out for dinner.”

She concludes by saying that her sister introspects about her life on her birthday, “I realize that I would be flustered about small things in life, would be uptight about my career, and would feel stressed out. But now due to the pandemic, I have started to develop balance in life. I have begun valuing the other things in life. I have always been a workaholic, so now I am kind of getting comfortable with the idea of leisure and chilling.”

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