Sayantani Ghosh & Husband Observed Fast For Their First Karwa Chauth Post Marriage: “It Is Special”

The Bengali actor Sayantani Ghosh celebrates Karwa Chauth for the first time after her marriage to longtime boyfriend Anugrah Tiwari.

She said, “This is my first Karwa Chauth ever and that too post marriage so this one is special. It’s not a part of my Bengali culture so I will seek help from my mother-in-law to help me with the rituals.”

Interestingly, not only Ghosh but also Tiwari fast for the love of his partner. This not only boosted Ghosh’s excitement but also kept her positive about fasting. She shared, “We are celebrating it in togetherness. It gives both of the strength to sail through the day. Also I keep doing intermittent fasting, so I’m kinda used to fasting. I’m more than motivated by the excitement of celebrating our first ever Karwa Chauth.”

Karwa Chauth is a festival where decoration is very important. Ghosh who calls herself a “forever saree girl,” revealed that she will be wearing a saree for the festival. “I always look out for opportunities to wear a saree. I’m wearing a red saree, and of course with it is going to be the red bindi, sindoor, my Mangal sutra and saakha pola,” said she.

For Ghosh, her husband is “undoubtedly one of the best chapters” of her life. Karwa Chauth, which is a day to be thankful for having a partner, is a reminder for Ghosh how grateful she is for her “amazing companion.”

She concluded, “He is and always will be a great friend. I think it’s our friendship that forms the core of our relationship. I can’t cook, but he loves cooking for me, specially healthy stuff. He is a simple and family oriented person. The love for our families is what connects us most to each other.”