Sedition Case Filed Against Farmers In Haryana; Top Court Imprints ‘Denial’

Police of Haryana (in Chandigarh) has charged over 100 farmers with sedition, after they raised deadly attacks on the BJP leader (Deputy Speaker), Ranbir Gangwa, on July 11. To be illustrated, the farmers damaged the official vehicle of Ranbir Gangwa during a protest against members of the state’s ruling BJP-Jannayak Party alliance and the controversial new farm laws.

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Picture 1: Ranbir Gangwa, Deputy Speaker

Reportedly, apart from a sedition case, the police also charged an FIR against the farmers under the law of ‘murder attempt. Two leaders among all the farmers, named Harcharan Singh and Prahlad Singh, were named in the FIR. The FIR was also filed only on the day of the incident.

Further, based on the cases filed, the Samyukt Kisan Morcha stated slamming the charges, where they said, “Farmer leaders Harcharan Singh and Prahlad Singh and around 100 farmers have been booked under false cases, with a grave charge of sedition, merely because they were protesting against Haryana Deputy Speaker in Sirsa.”

The statement added, “SKM strongly condemns false, frivolous and cooked-up sedition charges, and indeed all other charges, against farmers and farmer leaders under instructions of the anti-farmer BJP government of Haryana.”

Further, the Supreme Court states the law to be colonial and asks if it is still necessary after 75 years of Independence. The law mainly states that it is a threat to the functioning of institutions and holds enormous power for misuse with no accountability for the executive.

Alongside, Chief Justice NV Ramana said, “If a police officer wants to fix anybody in a village for something, he can use Section 124A. Moreover, people are scared.” Also, the court agreed to hear a fresh challenge to the controversial law.

Picture 2: NV Ramana, Chief Justice, Supreme Court

Furthermore, protesting farmers in Haryana have made their displeasure clear over the past few days, with demonstrations in Fatehabad, Jhajjar, Hisar, and Yamunanagar leading to clashes with the police, in which the farmers have clearly stated that they will not allow members of Haryana’s ruling BJP-Jannayak Janata Party alliance to address any public demands.

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