SEE VIDEOS: Bigg Boss 11 gang at Sapna Choudhary’s brother’s wedding

Bigg Boss 11 was one of the most entertaining seasons in the entire series. Surely, one reason behind the season being such a big hit was its controversial contestants. From Hina Khan to Arshi Khan to Sapna Choudhary, all the contestants were super entertaining throughout the show. This is one reason why we still remember all the contestants from the show till date.

A lot of months have passed ever since the last season of the show Bigg Boss got over. However, the hangover is still not over. Everytime we get any updates on any of the contestants of the show, we bring them to you, because we know that you all love getting updates on your favorite contestants from Bigg Boss.

This time, the new update is coming right from Sapna Choudhary house. It was Sapna’s brother’s wedding and her friends from the Bigg Boss family were a part of the celebrations. The wedding took place on Saturday. Arshi Khan, Akash Dadlani and Mehjabi Siddiqui came for the wedding. However, all other contestants from the show were missing! We wonder who all were on the list of Sapna.

But what we are liking is all the inside videos and pictures that Arshi and Mehjabi shared on their Instagram handles. Have a look at them:


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