Sergio Ramos Declared, ‘I Never Wanted To Leave’ And Expressed His Grief Over Real Madrid, For Putting A Retreat To His Contract Offer

Real Madrid finally confirmed and declared on Wednesday 16th June that they are about to host a farewell news conference along with a farewell ceremony for the ever-glorious Sergio Ramos on the following day with an assurance that this player’s future stands resolved. It was in the air, that this Spanish footballer’s contract was about to come to an end at the finishing of June, and there was a lot of hypotheses, on what actually is going to come next for this Spanish beauty, having a very tough time during the last season for various injuries and maladies.

For quite a few weeks, according to the suggestive measures, it was stated that Ramos wanted to leave the club, but on the contrary, the reports titled as Madrid was reluctant towards meeting his contract demands. It is supposed that Ramos desired a 2-year deal whereas Real Madrid could only offer him a 1-year extension.

Coming to the shocking experience of Ramos, it came to the public awareness, that the Spanish defender broke down and fell into tears during his farewell ceremony which was accompanied by the club president Florentino Perez, the board members, club staff, and Ramos’ family.

According to the detailed explanation of Sergio Ramos, the statement was surely a crushing disappointment for the man. However, also it heats some certain confusions and contradictory opinions amongst the club and Ramos. However, his real-time verdict was, “I never wanted to leave Real Madrid, I always wanted to stay here,”. Besides, a confirmation of “In the last few months the club made me an offer of one year, with a pay cut. I want to highlight that money has never been a problem, the president knows that.”

“It wasn’t a financial problem. They offered me one year, I wanted two. I wanted calm and continuity for my family … In the latest conversations, I accepted the offer with a pay cut, and I was told there was no longer an offer. I was told that despite having given the OK to the proposal, it had an expiry date and I didn’t realize… It surprised me.”

Sergio Ramos declined to go into details about the conversations with Perez over any kind of new deal which has just dragged itself without any kind of agreement. There was a certain amount of sorrow in his voice when he said, “They’re private meetings that I want to keep private out of respect for the club, the president, and myself, But, it was indeed communicated to me just a week ago, via my agent, that the offer had expired without us knowing.”

However, Ramos in his last few words mentioned his relationship with Perez as extraordinary and he sounded eternally grateful for that.

We wish this Spanish legend a lot of success in filled future.

Primary Excerpt Taken From – ESPN (espn. in)

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