Sex Positions From The ‘Kama Sutra’ – 5/17

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I’m referring to the Kama Sutra, an ancient Sanskrit classic that has become the go-to reference for complex sex positions over the years.

The Kama Sutra, penned by Indian philosopher Vatsyayana, has gotten a lot of attention for serving as a manual for what seems to be every sex position ever (some way more adventurous than others). However, that isn’t the purpose.

“The Kama Sutra is never just an archaic literature on sexual positions and sexual pleasure; it is a book of philosophy on ethics and aesthetics.”

However, the section on sexuality is jam-packed with a variety of sex positions that use touch and physical connection to foster emotional intimacy between partners. Men should prioritize a woman’s pleasure over their own (hear hear! ), focusing on making sure she climaxes before ever considering their own orgasm, according to the ancient literature.

According to sex expert Seema Anand, author of The Arts of Seduction, the Kama Sutra section on sexuality “was designed to teach a man how to ensure that the lady was properly pleasured.” “They felt that if a woman was completely satisfied, sex would last longer in a marriage,” she continues. “It even claims that if a guy can correctly please a lady, his business will prosper because she will not waste your money, and that a man will be a greater warrior.”

Engle explains, “It’s not so much about walking in and being able to execute all of these different positions.” It’s more about discovering approaches and motions that you can relate to and that allow you to connect on multiple levels with your partner.

Now that you’ve caught up, are you ready to try out these 5/17 Kama Sutra sex positions?

1. 6969

The Kama Sutra is all about giving pleasure, and what better way to do so than with a little oral love? “The entire Kama Sutra is about pleasure and the anticipation of pleasure,” says the author. Get your playtime off on the right foot by entertaining your partner and vice versa. Mixing up the angles “shifts how you experience and can keep increasing the satisfaction,”

2. Face Offface off

You’re in the pilot’s seat here, which means you have complete control from everything from the speed to the angle to the deep of this position. “When you’re on top, just move your hips and don’t move your upper body”.

3. Champagne Room

champagne room

“You wore a seven or nine-string pearl necklace for seated positions,” she explains. “You want the pearls to gently move from side to side…the body movement will naturally flow.” She suggests sitting back and rising up slightly so that your weight is supported by your partner’s knees.

4. Spork


While bumping and grinding, the Spork position allows you to have lots of eye contact, and it also helps you to try a seductive Kama Sutra hack: Different parts of your body should be perfumed. “Each part of the human body had to be fragranced with a special scent” .


5. Pretzel Dip

pretzel dip

This delightful, food-inspired position allows you to look into each other’s eyes while enjoying the benefits of doggie style. “Make it a sensory experience by caressing your partner’s backside. Reaching around to massage the nipples and big boobs. Enhancing the pleasure in this pose with direct clitoral stimulation” .

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