Sexual Harassment: Bhavna Menon Expressed Pain, Said – “I am Not A Criminal, Yet My Identity Has Been Suppressed For 5 Years” Read On!!!

Due to the narrow-mindedness of society, the victims of sexual assault often hide their identity and the perpetrators lead a free life. How deep the roots of this wrong have gone down in society, can be gauged from the fact that indeed a notorious actress kept on suppressing her pain for five times and the indicted of assault kept trying to abolish her actuality.

Challenging this deformation of society, South Indian film actress Bhavna Menon on Monday expressed her pain on Instagram, writing that she isn’t a felonious, yet sweats are being made to abolish her identity from the film assiduity. An actor who worked with her attacked her due to particular hostility and made her a victim of sexual importunity.

Ten Indicted Arrested, Latterly Released On Bail:

The Kerala Police had arrested seven of the ten indicted, who was latterly released on bail. Actor Dileep, indicted of conspiracy, has also got bail.

Abducted and attacked while returning from shooting, videotape was also made:

The incident took place on February 17, 2017, when the actress got into her auto to go home after shooting, she was abducted by some people hostage in her own auto and sexually assaulted by four men for nearly two hours. The actress ever saved her life. The actor indicted Dileep of the case due to particular hostility.

I’ll fight for justice till the end. Thanking the sympathizers, Bhavna said, I’m not alone in this fight for justice. I hope that no one has to struggle like me to get the evildoers penalized, I’ll make it till the end.

The trip of being a victim of sexual assault and living with that pain isn’t an easy bone. My identity has been suppressed five times under the burden of sexual assault. I haven’t committed the crime, yet attempts were made to cheapen me. -Bhavana, actress

Karthika Menon, known by her stage name Bhavna, is an Indian film actress who generally works in the South Indian film assiduity. She has worked in Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada and Telugu language flicks and has made herself one of the leading actresses. She started her film career with the 2002 Malayalam language film Nammal. She has also entered the Kerala State Film Award for this.