‘Sexy Beast’ The Best And Sexiest Dating Show Is Here; To Be On Netflix From July 21st

Uhm, so I came across this news of craziest ever TV show a few days ago. A dating show which will soon air on Netflix with no human faces at all! Yes, am talking about the new hot topic and the much-awaited show the ‘Sexy Beast’.

Fine, let me ask you a question. How will you define sexiness? I know that’s a too confusing question and there is no one answer for it. But most people define sexiness connecting it to just the physical aspects of a person. We call a man sexy if he has a well-built body with abs, triceps and broad shoulders. And describes a woman as hot, when she satisfies all the stereotyped measurements.

Don’t you think sexiness is much more than that? Haven’t you seen celebrities with no abs and stretch marks flaunting? They are sexy too and what makes them sexier is the confidence they carry within. Here comes the relevance of ‘Sexy Beast’.

Unlike in other shows (particularly the dating shows), Sexy Beast has its participants masked. They being disguised as a scarecrow, a panda or even a devil are going to steal the Netflix soon. Just imagine how funny it would be for a giraffe to fall in love with a squirrel? Moreover, how cute it is to love a heart than the face?

Sexy Beasts from Netflix where contestants disguised with prosthetics searching for their love will be available on Netflix from Wednesday 21st July. Six episodes of this super exciting dating show will also be available in Netflix from the release date. Each episode shows a single who is ready to mingle and left with the choice to select from three potential mates. After selection, they can go on dates, watch movies and hang out together but only with their monster faces on!

The contestant will only see the real face of the chosen match after making the pick. The show is based on a British series for BBC Three, which was then a hit in the UK. The seasons will feature 48 different makeup creations on the whole. Comic actor, writer and comedian best known for his leading role in the comedy series Catastrophe, Rob Delaney is the narrator of Sexy Beasts.

Let’s catch up on some surreal scenes of love where a fly goes on date with an elephant! Don’t miss it..

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